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SP9100 8-Switch Programmable Switch Panel Power System

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The SP9100 Switch Panel Power system is a solid state switching system that is fully programmable and features Apple and Android Bluetooth accessibility and RGB backlighting. The switch panel has 8 switches and one programming switch. An orange pinhole-sized led indicates when the switch panel is in programming mode and a blue led indicates when a Bluetooth connection is present. The power module has 8 outputs, switches 1 – 4 are rated at 20A, and switches 5 – 8 are rated at 35A. The power module also has 3 inputs, one Ignition sense, one Lights sense that can also be configured as an external trigger input Trigger 2, and one dedicated external trigger input Trigger 1. The Trigger 1 and Trigger 2 inputs can be configured to sense active high or active low inputs. Both trigger inputs can switch on up to 4 outputs. The power module has 3 led indicators to display the status of each input.