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The Crossbox is an integrated, modular storage toolbox designed to complement the functional organization of DECKED drawers. It's designed to fit crosswise in all full-size drawers and midsize wide drawers; it fits lengthwise in narrow midsize drawers. 

Let’s face it, some people are allergic to anything that isn’t camo or earth toned. After years of forcing our corporate blue on our customers, we’ve finally relented and are pleased to announce that the Crossbox is now available with an all-’Merican, military-approved desert tan lid. Made 100% in America.

Fitted with an EPDM lid gasket for weatherproof storage, the Crossbox features an easy carry handle, a removable small tool and parts organizer tray, and multiple grip points for easy retrieval from system drawers. The Crossbox is rugged, durable and meant to take a beating.