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2015+ Ford F-150 and EcoBoost Raptor Transmission Oil Cooler

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This kit is the first of its kind for the F-150 transmission. Off-roading, towing, or making more power with bigger turbos can all lead to excessive ATF heatsoak with a small OEM heat exchanger – especially when bigger tires are installed. Whether you have a 15-16 6R80 6speed or a 17+ 10R80 10speed, its important to keep your transmission fluid temps under control. Our Freak-O-Boost Transmission Oil Cooler is a simple 10 minute install, 100% plug and play and increases cooling capacity by 40% – reducing temps to 190F at cruise and 205F at load.

*10 minute install refers to models with OEM radiator mounted coolers. Models with transmission mounted coolers will require new ATF lines ran to the front of the truck, allowing a connection for our transmission cooler to be installed.*

Plug-and-Play Fitment for:

2015+ F150 V8 5.0L
2015+ F150 EcoBoost 2.7L
2015+ F150 EcoBoost 3.5L
2017+ Raptor 3.5L Gen2 V6 EcoBoost
Ford F-150 EcoBoost Trans Cooler Features:
+40% Increased Surface Area and ATF Capacity for maximum transmission cooling
Fast and Simple Installation, Direct Bolt-In
Retains OEM fittings and mounting connections
Protect your investment! Good for the long term health of the transmission clutch packs
Note: This is a mandatory upgrade if using exedy clutchpacks or billet torque converter